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Docker in Production Using Amazon Web Services
Год выпуска: 2017
Производитель: Pluralsight
Сайт производителя: www.Pluralsight.com
Автор: Justin Menga
Продолжительность: 9h 55m
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: This course will teach you how to create a fully automated blueprint for establishing foundational AWS account resources, how to build and deploy complete production-class environments for your Docker applications, and so much more.
Этот курс научит тебя, как работать с ресурсами на AWS, как построить и создать продакшн для приложений Docker, и многому другому.


Course Overview1m 36s
Course Overview1m 36s
Course Introduction32m 36s
Course Goals4m 22s
Course Prerequisites2m 35s
Course Audience2m 24s
Course Tour8m 34s
Course Setup1m 21s
Installing Docker1m 41s
Installing Brew1m 15s
Installing Java53s
Installing Ansible2m 13s
Other Recommended Tools51s
Setting up Required Services1m 24s
Setting up a Course Root Folder1m 36s
Summary2m 21s
Creating the Sample Application27m 36s
Introduction1m 37s
Application Architecture4m 24s
Installing the Application4m 48s
Building the Application5m 17s
Running the Application8m 1s
Testing the Application1m 55s
Summary1m 31s
Creating Docker Release Images27m 7s
Introduction1m 57s
Continuous Delivery Architecture2m 11s
Release Pipeline Workflow2m 52s
Workflow Specifications2m 44s
Understanding the Test Stage3m 0s
Running the Test Stage2m 30s
Understanding the Base Image4m 45s
Understanding the Release Stage1m 52s
Running the Release Stage2m 4s
Tagging and Publishing Release Images1m 22s
Summary1m 44s
Setting up AWS Access19m 16s
Introduction1m 22s
Setting up AWS Identity and Access Management2m 40s
Creating an Account Alias1m 19s
Creating IAM Roles1m 20s
Creating Groups2m 33s
Creating Users2m 35s
Setting up an EC2 Key Pair1m 1s
Setting up AWS CLI Access5m 3s
Summary1m 20s
Running Docker Applications Using the EC2 Container Service34m 13s
Introduction1m 35s
EC2 Container Service Overview4m 39s
Publishing Images to EC2 Container Registry4m 1s
Publishing Images Using the Release Pipeline3m 25s
Creating an ECS Cluster3m 2s
Verifying an ECS Container Instance3m 49s
Creating an ECS Task Definition1m 37s
Creating an ECS Service2m 25s
ECS Service Deployments2m 57s
Creating an ECS Task5m 5s
Summary1m 32s
Customizing ECS Container Instances39m 14s
Introduction2m 4s
Custom Amazon Machine Image Design2m 33s
Understanding EC2 Instance Initialization2m 16s
Using Packer to Build Amazon Machine Images1m 51s
Creating a Packer Template4m 3s
Adding Packer Provisioning Tasks1m 38s
Customizing Docker4m 58s
Configuring the ECS Agent1m 29s
CloudWatch Logs Integration3m 14s
HTTP Proxy Support4m 39s
ECS Container Instance Health Checks2m 24s
Post Build Cleanup1m 7s
Building and Publishing the Image5m 1s
Summary1m 47s
Deploying AWS Infrastructure Using Ansible and CloudFormation57m 45s
Introduction2m 25s
AWS Deployment Strategy2m 15s
AWS Account Infrastructure Architecture4m 7s
Ansible Playbooks1m 36s
Ansible Playbook Structure4m 10s
Creating an Ansible Playbook3m 57s
Configuring the AWS STS Role4m 14s
Configuring the AWS CloudFormation Role4m 7s
Understanding the AWS CloudFormation Role3m 24s
Using AWS CloudFormation Role Templates4m 11s
Creating the EC2 Container Registry Stack3m 55s
Creating the Network Stack6m 12s
Publishing the Docker Squid Image3m 51s
Creating the HTTP Proxy Stack4m 32s
Deploying the HTTP Proxy Stack2m 29s
Summary2m 13s
Architecting and Preparing Applications for ECS22m 15s
Introduction1m 24s
Microtrader AWS Architecture3m 31s
Docker and AWS Challenges3m 59s
Controlling Cluster Auto Discovery3m 44s
Configuring Cluster Auto Discovery Using Confd8m 7s
Summary1m 28s
Defining ECS Applications Using Ansible and CloudFormation44m 59s
Introduction1m 23s
Creating the Microtrader Deployment Playbook1m 25s
Configuring EC2 Autoscaling Groups7m 7s
Configuring Autoscaling Launch Configurations3m 55s
Configuring CloudFormation Init Metadata1m 58s
Configuring EC2 Autoscaling Security Groups4m 48s
Configuring Autoscaling EC2 Instance Profiles1m 46s
Configuring a Public Load Balancer6m 25s
Configuring an Internal Load Balancer3m 37s
Configuring DNS Records2m 19s
Configuring the Relational Database Service4m 47s
Configuring CloudWatch Log Groups3m 18s
Summary2m 4s
Deploying ECS Applications Using Ansible and CloudFormation42m 22s
Introduction1m 17s
ECS System Resources3m 51s
Understanding ECS Memory Allocation5m 15s
Configuring ECS Task Definitions Part 18m 5s
Configuring ECS Task Definitions Part 22m 47s
Understanding ECS Service Deployment3m 0s
Configuring ECS Services5m 22s
Deploying the Microtrader Stack5m 24s
Troubleshooting the Microtrader Application5m 15s
Summary1m 59s
Creating CloudFormation Custom Resources Using AWS Lambda57m 12s
Introduction2m 7s
CloudFormation Custom Resources Overview3m 46s
Creating a Lambda Function3m 43s
Creating a Custom Resource3m 26s
Creating a Custom Resources Project1m 30s
Handling CloudFormation Requests3m 11s
Validating Input Data3m 39s
Integrating with the ECS Service5m 11s
Polling ECS Task Status5m 32s
Building Lambda Functions2m 5s
Publishing Lambda Functions3m 33s
Creating Lambda Functions in CloudFormation2m 50s
Deploying CloudFormation Custom Resources2m 27s
Handling Update and Delete Requests5m 17s
Handling Long Running ECS Tasks6m 46s
Summary2m 3s
Managing Secrets in AWS36m 35s
Introduction2m 19s
Introducing the EC2 Systems Manager1m 17s
Secrets Management Solution Overview4m 14s
Creating the Secrets Provisioner8m 30s
Creating Secrets Using CloudFormation6m 4s
Injecting Secrets at Container Startup3m 41s
Consuming Secrets In CloudFormation3m 51s
Configuring IAM Roles for Accessing Secrets2m 31s
Deploying Secrets Using CloudFormation2m 32s
Summary1m 31s
Managing ECS Infrastructure Lifecycle23m 43s
Introduction1m 44s
Understanding Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks3m 6s
Creating a Lifecycle Hook Lambda Function6m 32s
Configuring Lifecycle Hooks in CloudFormation3m 56s
Configuring Auto Scaling Rolling Updates2m 38s
Deploying and Testing Lifecycle Hooks4m 7s
Summary1m 37s
Auto Scaling ECS Applications1h 11m 9s
Introduction2m 8s
ECS Auto Scaling Challenges2m 10s
Understanding ECS Resources4m 44s
ECS Capacity Management3m 38s
Scaling out ECS Clusters3m 43s
Scaling in ECS Clusters3m 20s
Auto Scaling Solution Overview2m 29s
Understanding ECS Events3m 43s
Creating a Capacity Manager Lambda Function3m 31s
Calculating ECS Container Instance Capacity4m 6s
Testing the ECS Capacity Manager3m 26s
Configuring ECS Auto Scaling2m 23s
Publishing CloudWatch Custom Metrics3m 2s
Creating CloudWatch Alarms3m 48s
Creating EC2 Auto Scaling Policies3m 58s
Managing ECS Capacity Using CloudFormation5m 11s
EC2 Auto Scaling Using CloudFormation6m 44s
ECS Auto Scaling Using CloudFormation5m 58s
Summary2m 56s
Continuous Delivery Using CodePipeline57m 49s
Introduction2m 39s
Solution Overview4m 27s
Creating a CodeBuild Image3m 36s
Adding CodeBuild Support for Build Actions3m 43s
Creating a Pipeline4m 20s
Creating an Application Version Artifact3m 0s
Adding CodeBuild Support for Deploy Tasks2m 34s
Creating Deployment Templates3m 4s
Creating a Deployment Action5m 38s
Ensuring Immutable Artifacts3m 8s
Deploying to Production5m 14s
Creating Pipelines in CloudFormation2m 19s
Defining the Source Stage in CloudFormation3m 14s
Defining the Build Stage in CloudFormation3m 3s
Defining Deploy Stages in CloudFormation2m 14s
Deploying a Pipeline Using CloudFormation2m 1s
Summary3m 27s
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 30fps 289kbps [V: English [eng] (h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 1280x720, 289 kb/s)]
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 95kbps [A: SoundHandler [eng] (aac lc, 44100 Hz, stereo, 95 kb/s)]


Доп. информация: Level Intermediate
Duration 9h 55m
Released 1 Dec 2017

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